2 thoughts on “memories from Danube Delta – Romania”

  1. The things that make the Danube Delta unique and wonderful is the fact that its surface is covered 80% by water. It has luxuriant vegetation in which predominant is the thatch and associated plants. Admired from the plane this region appears like a sea of plants, a sea to which color changes depending on the season. There are allot of quiet zone in the delta, home for a large variety of birds arrived here from different parts of the word. There are large areas of floating vegetation and islands that rise and disappear depending on the water level. On these islands the pelicans lay their eggs, so their nests will never get flushed by the water. In Sfantu Gheorghe the Danube unites with the Black Sea in an eternal embracement. The beauty of this place makes you forget everything at first sight. The strong impression you get when you see the variety of sights will always make you turn your thoughts to these places. The pictures you will take here will always take you to a place where you will want to come back even if for a second, dreaming. If you choose to stop in a village in the delta, you will find fishermen cooking their everyday meal, a delightful soup appreciated by all tourists and Romanians alike. Those who really enjoy fine food can try the Danube herring, isinglass fish croquets or fried Black Sea sturgeon, which can be combined with some of our local wines, Aligote, Muscat or Merlot in the restaurants in Tulcea or Sulina. This wild realm of the waters will make you discover many new and wonderful things. A trip to the Danube Delta will make an excellent and unforgettable memory from all points of view. The moments and the things you will live here will always make you want to return and be again a part of these places. For travel details visit Romania Hotels .

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